Water Efficient Shower Heads

By Peter Hewitt

According to the Daily Telegraph:

SHOWER HEADS have been banned from the NSW Energy Savings Scheme by Minister for Energy Chris Hartcher.

The ban follows last week’s revelations in The Sunday Telegraph that dodgy salesmen have been making millions selling energy-efficient showerheads.

Showerhead sales boomed following the end of the pink batts scheme last February, with green businesses shifting to the production of energy-saving certificates generated by the sale of showerheads.  Under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme, the certificates are then sold to the state’s energy companies.  More than half the certificates created by the scheme are now generated from the sale of water and energy-saving showerheads.

“In true Labor style, the showerhead component lacks the appropriate monitoring mechanisms leaving it wide-open to manipulation,” NSW Minister for Energy Mr Hartcher said. “We are now taking the responsible steps to close the program.”

The Ray White Beecroft Property Management department awaits information on how this affects the new Water Efficiency rules coming into force on 1 Jan!

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